About Sarah

I'm blue dee da boo dee da boo da

I have always been a problem-solver.

I started out in science, getting a degree in biology and math from Bryn Mawr College. I moved on to IT, spending many happy years fixing computers, developing systems, and teaching others about technology. Through it all, I nurtured passions in writing and visual art.

I made the leap into business, strategy, and communications with a boutique consulting firm called XtraGlobex. My penchants for creativity, problem-solving, investigation, analysis, technology, integration, and finding exactly the right words for any situation made me a natural. We served clients that ranged from small B2C startups to large Fortune 500 B2B organizations.

You know those gadgets that give you all the tools you need, in one compact package that fits in your pocket? I’m like that, for your business.

At XtraGlobex, I developed strategy; designed brands, campaigns, marketing materials, and websites; wrote copy for everything from brochures and sites to 100+-page proposal templates; and managed projects and a wide variety of creative and technical teams. I even wrote the code for most of the sites we launched.

After years of pretty fantastic agency work and collaboration, I now cultivate a thriving freelance practice bringing those skills to a different profile of client: good businesses that need the things I do well, and that need it in a smaller package than agencies can typically provide.


Check out some of the work I’ve done, and some of the types of work I can do for you. There are answers to some frequently asked questions here, and when you’re done hearing about me, let’s talk about YOU.