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  • Sometimes, you just need a ninja.

    You could hire a team of six to do six different jobs…

    …or you could hire one person who specializes in taking you from strategy through launch. A soup-to-nuts surgical striker. A foodie ninja. This analogy has gotten away from me.

  • Multitools are handy.

    A multitool gives you many functionalities in an efficient package.

    Not only that, but I apply those competencies across every aspect of the project.

    That means I can do many things that a specialist in a silo would find challenging.

  • Perspective is priceless.

    Whether I’m orchestrating a team or crafting everything myself, the cross-discipline vantage point pays off.

    When the person who helps you develop your strategy also creates the designs, writes the copy, and brings the whole package together, it’s magical.

    (And incredibly convenient.)

  • So what does that look like?

    It depends on you.

    For some clients, I’m their startup branding guru; for others, their official Director of Marketing.

    Sometimes I come in to prepare an investor pitch, and other times I just do a great website and off they go.

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